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Dal Wari


Urad dal (without skin) - 1/2 Cup

Ajwain seeds 1/4 Teaspoon

Ginger, garlic, green chili paste -1 Tablespoon

Fresh green coriander- 1 Tablespoon - chopped

Onion - 1 Tablespoon - finely chopped

Salt to taste

Oil to deep fry


Pick wash and soak dal for at least 6 hours

Rinse and drain all water from dal

Now put dal in a grinder and grind to a smooth thick paste.

To make smooth paste, 1-2 teaspoon water can be added while grinding.

Add rest of the ingredients (except oil) to this paste and mix well.

Now heat oil in a karahi and drop small dollops of this paste in hot oil to fry on medium hot oil for few minutes until they acquire golden brown color. Take out fried waris on a paper napkin to get rid of any excess oil.

Serve hot dal waris with sweet tamarind chutney and or mint raita.

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